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Scraper Doormat


Scraper Doormats can be joined easily together with its connecting system. Large areas can be covered with mats without any visible seems.


Scraper Doormat has elastic bristle structure, which works like automatic brushing machine. Bristles wipe effectively off all the dirt from footwear, when you walk over the mat.


Slip resistant base helps keep mat in position and minimizes mat movement. Open construction of Scraper Doormat provides immediate drainage from mat surface, keeping the matting surface dry. Unbacked design allows moisture and dirt to flow through the mat.

MaterialUV-resistant PE
100% recyclable
Sizes62 x 41 cm = 0,25 m²
82 x 62 cm = 0.50 m²
Packaging42 pcs:  62 x 41 cm
21 pcs:  82 x 62 cm
Height18 mm
Weight2.8 kg/m² 
ColoursGraphite, light grey, dark brown, beige, sand brown, green and terracotta
DesignsPlain, chess and window patterns
Temperature resistance-35ºC - +70ºC