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Patrol mat is specially designed as an attractive and easily cleaned entrance mat for all intense wear areas; shopping malls, hotels, commercial premises, airports, schools, etc. Patrol is extremely strong matting for a long life span in demanding indoor and outdoor conditions. Patrol offers excellent performance for heavy foot and trolley traffic.


Patrol entrance mat stops dirt, sand and debris in the entrance area before they enter the building. Less dirt in building means lower maintenance costs, a reduced likelihood of costly slips and falls, and improved overall appearance.


Patrol entrance mat in a roll format is suitable for large entrance area installation and custom cut applications.  Patrol rolls are very easy to cut to size and shape and they are quick and easy to install.


Patrol is delivered in rolls and is quick and easy to install. Patrol is ideal to cover large areas with a single mat.  Rolls are also very easy to cut to size and shape. Rolls can be installed in minutes, without the use of special tools. Rolls can also be assembled together with connectors.


Patrol has slip resistant surface pattern and it offers maximum drainage. Slip resistant surface literally scrapes the dirt off shoes. The unique circle construction allows water to pass through the mat, providing safe and dry surface. 


Patrol is simple to clean, since it has open circle grid design and it is non-absorbent. Patrol is inexpensive to clean by vacuum cleaning or hosing down. Lightweight Patrol matting is easy to roll up for maintenance. Dirt that falls through the mat can be simply cleaned from the floor underneath.

MaterialUV-resistant vinyl/NBR
100% recyclable
Roll width78 cm, 98 cm and 117 cm
Roll length10 m
Height16 mm and 20 mm
Weight6.1 kg/m²  and 9.0 kg/m²
ColoursBlack, dark grey, light grey and terracotta
Temperature resistance-35 °C - +70 °C
Rolling loadKfB dynamic test:  400 kg per wheel
Slip resistanceDIN 51130: R10
Fire classificationEN 13501: Cfl - s1
EmissionsIS0 16000-9: TVOC class A+
Alu edging 16/20 mm x 300 cm
Anchors 16 and 20 mm
Patrol connectors 16 and 20 mm