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Ultima wet area mat


Ultima wet area mat is ideal for swimming pool surrounds, showers, spas, saunas and changing rooms. Curved design allows water to easily drain off, providing slip resistant, safe and dry surface. Ultima wet area mat is warm and comfortable and ideal with barefoot traffic.


Ultima wet area matting is an ideal way of covering large areas. Ultima tiles have a built in connecting system that allows rolls to be easily interlocked lengthwise. Rolls can be assembled next to each other with separate connectors.



MaterialAntimicrobial, UV-resistant PE/EVA, 100% recyclable
Roll width58 cm
Roll length16 m
Height9 mm
Weight2.2 kg/m² 
ColoursDark blue, pastel blue, green, graphite, light beige, dark beige, black and light grey
Temperature resistance-35 °C - +70 °C
Slip resistanceDIN 51097:  A + B + C
DIN EN 13451/15288-1: 30°
EmissionsISO 16000-9: TVOC class A+
Alu edging 9/12 mm x 300 cm